Garden Upgrade

My plan to upgrade my garden (or how health and safety mandated my budget)

2 minute read

I am looking to upgrade my garden as it is currently in rather a sorry state, as evidenced below (click on the picture for a larger view);

Current Garden

The decking is rotting and is totally impractical in winter. The area above which is decked is to be replaced by Areas A, B and C shown below (click on the picture for a larger view);

Garden Plan

The area at the front is out of scope for this project but I will ultimately get this paved in Indian Stone as well. There is a slight slope on this now, so I think there will need to be a slight step down to the paved/astroturf area but I think levels break things up nicely in a garden.

The Thermowood looks like it should be a better quality deck than I currently have, only time will tell but at least it won’t be such a pain to deal with if it goes the way of the current lot. Unfortunately the only supplier of Thermowood I’ve found doesn’t do trade supplies, so this is a fixed cost which I am happy to factor into the job. Alternatively if someone can suggest a good hardwood alternative which wouldn't cost the earth I would be happy to go with that. But certainly not the cheap softwood that’s already there.

I love the idea of astroturf as I don't have to cut, don't have to buy a lawn mower and don't have to store a lawn mower somewhere! The El Classico is incredible; looks superb, super soft, brushes up easily and doesn't need a sand infill but I think I would probably do this anyway.

My son is autisic and loves playing outside but unfortunately this summer isn't going to have full run of the garden as it seems I have left things too late this year to get anyone to come and work on the garden. Next year it should be fantastic!