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Unfortunately my beloved TextExpander has recently stopped working in ConEmu. Ironically this coincided with the update notes proudly declaring that expansion was now working in ConEmu! Those nice people at Smile are helping me get to the bottom of it, but in the mean time I decided to look around at the options in the console world in Windows. It wasn’t going to take long.

I opened up the PowerShell ISE; I’ve never really used it, preferring Sublime Text (I’ve also been flirting with Visual Studio Code) but I grabbed a Solarized theme and thought it may be fun to the ‘Intellisense’ available. Cue Boss with a SharePoint problem; some site had got all disconbobulated with it’s master page and was showing just the text. I managed to get to the settings page, reset to the default master page and was trying to reactive our custom master page but got the familiar correlation error. The ULS logs were pointing to a problem with creating the ‘Pages’ library that was already there. No problem, let’s just delete it and try again.

$mySPList.AllowDeletion = $true

Whoops. You can probably see my mistake there. Now in ConEmu I am used to typing the first letter of all properties and methods on an object but PowerShell ISE with it’s clever intellisense gives me options as soon as I press ‘.’. Now let’s be clear, I messed up here but I’m convinced I wouldn’t have done this in ConEmu! So I frantically Googled, but all the while knowing we have nightly backups so I should be ok. I managed to find this helpful link = Restore from Unattached Content Databases in SharePoint 2013 and with help from my beautiful, intelligent and erudite colleagues from the backups team I managed to restore the web site.

I’m going back to ConEmu.