Elite Dangerous

Waiting to play Elite Dangerous on PS4

2 minute read

I’m tremendously excited by Elite Dangerous making an appearance on Playstation 4. I spent many happy hours as a child playing the original Elite on my Acorn Electron in the 80s. I can’t remember exactly what rank I managed to get up to but it certainly wasn’t Elite. The originality and advanced nature is a matter of record now but what really hooked me was that ever since seeing Star Wars at the age of four I had spent most of my formative years wishing to be whisked away into space on a spaceship. Not that my youth was unhappy, far from it, but this preoccupied my thoughts most of the time. Fast forward to a 44 year old man and not much has really changed.

I also enjoyed immensely Elite II on my trusty old Amiga. I had a SNES at this time as well so I was spoiled with a multitude of great games but I spent many hours in Elite II and the added gameplay options really expanded the game.

Skip forward to 2017 and I am now eagerly awaiting ED on the PS4. I’ve spent considerable time researching the abundance of information in the game and even bought a HOTAS before the game is launched. As a reclusive introvert, I’m on the fence about the social aspects of the game but there seems to be a huge amount of splendid people playing the game as evidence by the official forums.

Image credit: Stefan S - Flickr