Elite Dangerous and Griefing

My working definition for griefing in Elite Dangerous

1 minute read

Despite not even being able to play the game Elite Dangerous I find myself preoccupied thinking and discussing it on the internet, primarily in the official Frontier Forums. The word ‘griefing’ is bandied around a lot by people there and like many words it means different things to different people. I looked to Wikipedia for a definition, but it was a little vague for me. I read the paper which was referenced in the article and being an academic paper it was a little more detailed and I now accept this definition as my working one;

Intentional harassment of other players is called “griefing,” which utilizes aspects of the game structure or physics in unintended ways to cause distress for other players.

Frontier have said on many occasions that killing other players is an acceptable play style, and thus is not utilizing the game in unexpected ways. You may not like it, but under this definition unless you are killed in a way that exploits the game then you have not been ‘griefed’ in my book.