My PSN Name

Why my PSN name does not match my forum names

2 minute read

I bought my Playstation 4 Pro on Black Friday, 2016. I had been a XBox 360 player for about the last ten years or so, and for various reasons decided to switch teams. I’d never played online on the 360 and never really envisaged playing online with the PS4. So when it arrived and I signed up online I just jumped in with my real name, not thinking it would ever be an issue.

Now that Elite Dangerous is coming to PS4 and the CMDR name is tied to your PSN name I find myself in a slight quandry. I signed up to the forums with my usual ‘internet name’ of reclusivemonkey (it’s never taken, I am reclusive, I am hairy, I’ve had it for a long time). I did toy with the idea of role play in the Elite Dangerous universe and creating a new PSN account, new forum name, all sorts but given the events around the death of Salome I became rather disillusioned with role play as a whole in Elite Dangerous and decided ‘to hell with it’, I’ll just keep everything as it is. So if you see a ‘CMDR_LABRUNNING’ giving you a o7 it’s not ‘LAB RUNNING’ like a mad scientist, it’s not ‘LA BRUNNING’ like a french dude, it’s reclusivemonkey, that slightly argumentative bloke from the forums, AKA Luke Antony Brunning. Judge me not by my name, but by my actions.