PS4 Founding Family Patch

What I want from a patch design for Elite Dangerous

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I came up with an idea for a ‘patch’ for the PS4 Founding Family group for Elite Dangerous. I found a link on the official Frontier Forums that described how to create a logo from a patch. This is incredibley detailed and well written but this guy is obviously super talented and I got nowhere near in designing the idea I had. I watched a few videos on and I think given enough time I could have come up with something that wasn’t totally awful but time was against me. I was never going to come up with anything as brilliant as the existing ones.

I have a brainwave today that I could use one of the many sites out there where you can hire people to do small jobs. I’ve never done this before and wasn’t really sure how it worked so I wrote a quick description and added my stuff. I was inundated with replies, that vast majority of which clearly had not read what I wanted, despite the claims that were in their replies. I thought the best way would be to write a post describing what I want with links and then I could point people at that. This worked really well with my garden project.

the patch

As in the guide I read, the first step is to find a patch you like. I managed this pretty quick; most people choose a circular shape, which works really well but I wanted something different. The patch I found was shaped like the iconic Apollo 11 Command Module. Try as I might, I could not even get the shape right.

My Patch Design

the idea

The idea I had was one of those that is so obvious you wonder why it hasn’t been done before. The PS4 is a fantastic shape, simple but a great design and even I managed to make a passable one in Illustrator in about 10 minutes. Yes the perspective was a little off, but it was pretty much there. This lent itself to be like the monolith in one of the most famous sci-fi movies ever, 2001. The scene towards the end where the monolith lines up in conjunction with the planets would really work with the PS4 and also fit in really nicely with the shape of the patch I had found. Also, pretty much anyone with a passing interest in a space game would immedaitely know what I was going for and be able to knock something up like that. Alas that never work out, so here I am hoping someone can take this idea and turn it into a nice logo in a short space of time. Now I know nothing about graphic design, but surely someone who knows illustrator well could knock this out in about an hour! Let’s face it, it could not be any worse than mine;

My Patch Design

Let’s hope I can find someone who can make a little easy money and make me happy!


  1. I want to be able to have the source files so I can change the size as needed for various things
  2. I’m not bothered about the colours at all
  3. The text WILL change, I want to possible use the japanese name for Sony
  4. I think some ‘stars’ in the background in the shape of the four PS4 button logos (cross, circle, square, triangle) could really work
  5. My spacings of the star at the top and the planet are rubbish, I expect better!