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Unfortunately my beloved TextExpander has recently stopped working in ConEmu. Ironically this coincided with the update notes proudly declaring that expansion was now working in ConEmu! Those nice people at Smile are helping me get to the bottom of it, but in the mean time I decided to look around at the options in the console world in Windows. It wasn’t going to take long. I opened up the PowerShell ISE; I’ve never really used it, preferring Sublime Text (I’ve also been flirting with Visual Studio Code) but I grabbed a Solarized theme and thought it may be fun to the ‘Intellisense’ available.

Garden Upgrade Finished

My garden upgrade is finished and looks even better than I hoped

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It had been a long journey since the beginning of spring 2015 realizing that the planned kitchen upgrade was going to have to go on hold in order to fix the garden, but I couldn’t be happier with the end result. I’d had to tone down my plans of what I originally envisaged and was a little worried that I wasn’t going to be happy with the end results. None of this would have been possible without Andy Hobson who I was really lucky to find.

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My garden project is now fully underway! After weeks of trying to find someone to actually work on this project I finally found just the right person. We decided it was best that I project manage the whole thing and he just supply labour as I wanted to specify most of the materials. This has worked out really well. He's advised me when I needed it and come up with some good ideas of areas which I wasn't sure about.

Can I get a witness

How we ask for things in England

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Waking up this morning, thinking about the difference between “Can I have” and “Can I get” I wondered whether the perceived Americanism of “Can I get” was actually ruder than “Can I have”. Looking at several sites only showed me the rich diversity of the English language and that there were just as many Americans who thought “Can I get” would be rude as there were those who thought it was perfectly fine.

Sunday is the new Monday

Which day the week starts on and how I changed my mind

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Being an Englishman in New Technology, I’m rather used to changing regional settings. As a former serial Linux experimenter it almost became a reflex action I never even thought about. I was always puzzled by the notion of Sunday as the first day of the week, however as I sit here on a Sunday morning doing my GTD weekly review and looking at the week ahead in my calendar it suddenly occurred to me that if I set Sunday as the first day, then when I look at the weekly view in the calendar then I won’t have to move it forward a week.