Elite dangerous

Elite Dangerous HOTAS on the PS4

Why I like the HOTAS for Elite Dangerous

4 minute read

I want to preface this post with the caveat that the HOTAS seems to be a very devisive device (see what I did there?) and if you can purchase one where you can return it then that is by far the best option. I’m not going to address other people’s criticism of the stick because they are valid enough, but for me it came down to the things I liked about it being more important that those that I didn’t.

PS4 Founding Family Patch

What I want from a patch design for Elite Dangerous

3 minute read

I came up with an idea for a ‘patch’ for the PS4 Founding Family group for Elite Dangerous. I found a link on the official Frontier Forums that described how to create a logo from a patch. This is incredibley detailed and well written but this guy is obviously super talented and I got nowhere near in designing the idea I had. I watched a few videos on Lynda.com and I think given enough time I could have come up with something that wasn’t totally awful but time was against me.

Elite Dangerous and Griefing

My working definition for griefing in Elite Dangerous

1 minute read

Despite not even being able to play the game Elite Dangerous I find myself preoccupied thinking and discussing it on the internet, primarily in the official Frontier Forums. The word ‘griefing’ is bandied around a lot by people there and like many words it means different things to different people. I looked to Wikipedia for a definition, but it was a little vague for me. I read the paper which was referenced in the article and being an academic paper it was a little more detailed and I now accept this definition as my working one;

Elite Dangerous on PlayStation®4 FAQ

Keeping an eye on the ED PS4 FAQ

5 minute read

After wondering how Frontier’s ‘disconcertingly vague’ “Nothing to announce at this time” actually pan out over time I thought I would make a note of their current FAQs for PS4 here and keep an eye on developments after it was announced on several websites today that there would be a physical disc copy of ED released for PS4 and XBox One. The update date below is Frontier’s, not mine.

Elite Dangerous

Waiting to play Elite Dangerous on PS4

2 minute read

I’m tremendously excited by Elite Dangerous making an appearance on Playstation 4. I spent many happy hours as a child playing the original Elite on my Acorn Electron in the 80s. I can’t remember exactly what rank I managed to get up to but it certainly wasn’t Elite. The originality and advanced nature is a matter of record now but what really hooked me was that ever since seeing Star Wars at the age of four I had spent most of my formative years wishing to be whisked away into space on a spaceship.