Garden Upgrade Finished

My garden upgrade is finished and looks even better than I hoped

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It had been a long journey since the beginning of spring 2015 realizing that the planned kitchen upgrade was going to have to go on hold in order to fix the garden, but I couldn’t be happier with the end result. I’d had to tone down my plans of what I originally envisaged and was a little worried that I wasn’t going to be happy with the end results. None of this would have been possible without Andy Hobson who I was really lucky to find.

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My garden project is now fully underway! After weeks of trying to find someone to actually work on this project I finally found just the right person. We decided it was best that I project manage the whole thing and he just supply labour as I wanted to specify most of the materials. This has worked out really well. He's advised me when I needed it and come up with some good ideas of areas which I wasn't sure about.

Garden Upgrade

My plan to upgrade my garden (or how health and safety mandated my budget)

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I am looking to upgrade my garden as it is currently in rather a sorry state, as evidenced below (click on the picture for a larger view);

The decking is rotting and is totally impractical in winter. The area above which is decked is to be replaced by Areas A, B and C shown below (click on the picture for a larger view);

Area A is a small decking area in Thermowood Area B is artifical grass; A Touch of Grass's ‘El Classico’ Area C is paved in Indian Stone The area at the front is out of scope for this project but I will ultimately get this paved in Indian Stone as well.