Can I get a witness

How we ask for things in England

2 minute read

Waking up this morning, thinking about the difference between “Can I have” and “Can I get” I wondered whether the perceived Americanism of “Can I get” was actually ruder than “Can I have”. Looking at several sites only showed me the rich diversity of the English language and that there were just as many Americans who thought “Can I get” would be rude as there were those who thought it was perfectly fine.

Customer Loyalty

ISPs and customer service

3 minute read

I got an email from BT who provide my phone and internet about renewing my contract. Now currently my phone isn't even plugged in, but that's another story, so I don't really like having to pay line rental as it is but it seems to be perfectly legal for companies to bundle this in as a requirement. They were asking if I wanted to renew my contract with them, with what initially seemed a worse deal for the same price.